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Park West Gallery Opens New Flagship
December 16, 2022, 8:06.21 pm ET


Photos: Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery, which has introduced millions of people around the world to the joys of collecting art, has opened a new flagship location at 411 West Broadway.

Artwork by Salvador Dali

The new two-level, 4,000-square foot space showcases an impressive collection of works by some of history’s most regaled artists, including Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Joan Miro,and Francisco de Goya.

Artist Mark Kostabi Talks to Collectors

Ken Deft, Artist Tim Yanke and artist Kre8

Additionally, the gallery will also show compelling contemporary collections from such artists as Michael Godard, Kre8, Tim Yanke, Hunt Slonem, Yaacov Agam and Mark Kostabi. New art and traveling exhibitions also will be featured in the gallery on a regular basis.

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