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Places to Picnic at the Park in NYC
May 31, 2022, 6:05.42 pm ET


Photo: La Churreria

If you are dining al fresco, might as well go all the way. Here are a few places to hit up before you hit the park!

Enjoy a Spanish Bocata at Washington Square Park

If you ever find yourself exploring the streets of Spain, chances are you will come across a bocata, a sandwich made commonly with a baguette or similar type of bread. Traditionally bocatas were viewed as a modest food but their delicious simplicity has allowed them to rise in popularity becoming an emblematic piece of Spanish cuisine. Luckily, La Churreria (284 Mulberry St) offers several bocatas for sandwich lovers to enjoy authentic tastes of Spain right in Manhattan. One of their most popular is the Mixto Bocata, a sandwich with serrano ham, manchego cheese, tomate (tomato & olive oil paste) on a ciabatta hero, served with homemade chips for $11.

Photo: Dagon

Middle Eastern Sandwich at Riverside Park

At the Upper West Side Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, Dagon (2454 Broadway) guests will feel as if they are on a Middle Eastern getaway without leaving Manhattan. Inspired by his Tunisian and Israeli family heritage, Chef Ari Bokovza’s culinary style honors the rich traditional flavors of the Mediterranean while adding his own unique flare. One of the many ways Bokovza pays homage to his roots is by offering traditional eats like Tuna “Tunisien” a sandwich with olive oil poached tuna, hard boiled egg, potato cucumber, harissa, preserved lemon priced at $11.

Photo: Nice Matin

French Niçoise Sandwich at Central Park

French Brasserie Nice Matin (201 West 79th St) and Executive Chef Eric Starkman tip their hat to Nice, France by offering Pan Bagnat, the specialty sandwich of Nice. This tasty handheld is just like a Salad Nicoise in the form of a sandwich, allowing guests to enjoy the best of both worlds! This French delicacy is made up of marinated imported tuna, tomatoes, fennel, hard cooked eggs, nicoise olive aioli on a warm baguette, and served with Provençal chips for $17.


Dining on the Veranda at Hancock St in West Village