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Pranakhon Delivers True Thai Flavors in a Stylish Setting near Union Square
January 1, 2024, 10:23.19 am ET



Stepping into Pranakhon is like taking a step into Thailand. The restaurant is designed to resemble an outdoor alley in Bangkok complete with mock power lines. Pranakhon is also the original name of Bangkok’s capital city.

Located at 88 University Place just steps away from New York City’s bustling Union Square, Pranakhon features a full bar as you enter and towering columns dressed in gold leaf. Ornate metal screens and a classic 1950s-style jukebox complete the scene.

Popular dishes include Crab Fried Rice with ample crab meat on top; Sweet and Savory Skewered Shrimp with sea grape seaweed salad; Roasted Duck with dark brown gravy and pickled ginger; among others. Sexy cocktails like the Green Forest (Chareau Aloe liqueur, Salers, basil, lime) are also a welcome treat.

Vibrant foods and affordable prices make Pranakhon the perfect spot for an authentic Thai lunch, brunch or dinner. For more information, visit