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Renovated Noz Market Reopens
January 24, 2023, 7:47.48 pm ET


Renovated Noz Market Reopens
Photos: Noz Market

Noz Market (1374 Third Avenue), which first opened its doors in October 2020 to provide New Yorkers with a resource for high-end seafood, Japanese accouterments, and delicious prepared sushi and sashimi, reopens January 25 after a full-scale renovation.

Renovated Noz Market Reopens

A hand roll bar is now at the front of the market with six spots for standing where guests choose either a set of three ($33), four ($40), six ($56), or the Luxe Temaki Set of six ($95) featuring high-end ingredients. Individual hand rolls are available as add-ons after completing a set.

Renovated Noz Market Reopens

Meanwhile, a bamboo-lined hallway leads to the omakase counter which seats 10 guests, along with two tables of six for communal eating or large parties. The omakase is $145 per person for 12 sushi courses.

Takeout and delivery options include a menu of beloved classics from the original iteration of Noz Market. Reservations for the omakase counter can be made on Tock, and walk-ins are based on availability.