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Restaurant Radar: The Counter Closes in Times Square
January 10, 2024, 11:26.42 pm ET



The Counter, where you could create your own burger in eight easy steps, has closed its location in Times Square. The shop had been a magnet for tourists and locals alike. It managed to survive the pandemic, but recently went dark. At the time of its opening in 2011, Cititour wrote:

"Customers are handed clipboards to concoct their favorite burger combinations from a lengthy list of ingredients. It begins with the burger; Angus beef, chicken, turkey or a veggy patty. Then comes the cheese. We counted 12 varieties, including blue, feta, brie and horseradish cheddar. Then things really get complicated as you make your way through 30 toppings, 21 sauces and six types of buns."

At the time, The Counter had 20 locations just in California. The chain currently operates just 2 locations in California, one in Florida and another in Virginia, according to its website.