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Review: Alex Edelman: Just for Us Makes Everyone Laugh
June 26, 2023, 9:20.12 pm ET


Photo: Matthew Murphy

By Brian Scott Lipton

With the proliferation of stand-up comedy specials on streaming television (yes, I mean you Netflix), it might seem outrageous to suggest you pay Broadway prices to see “Alex Edelman: Just for Us,” which has landed at the Hudson Theatre for a nine-week engagement after a year of a various Off-Broadway runs. Do it anyway!

First, not even Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes nor Jim Gaffigan have made me laugh as consistently – or think as much about the state of the world – as Edelman does here over 80 or so minutes. And let’s not discount the importance of communal laughter! While the show – superbly directed by the late Adam Brace -- may hit harder (in good and bad ways) for Edelman’s most specific audience – white Jews – I suspect the Hudson will still be rocked with nightly laughter from members of every race, religion and gender. Except maybe white supremacists. Continue reading...