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Review: It’s Ladies Night in the Lovely Gardens of Anuncia
November 21, 2023, 12:00.04 am ET


Photo: Julieta Cervantes

By Brian Scott Lipton

Anyone who thinks great songs for women in the theatre haven’t been written in the past 30 years clearly hasn’t followed the career of the remarkable Michael John LaChuisa, whose powerful and gorgeous tunes have been sung by Idina Menzel, Audra McDonald, Toni Collette, Eartha Kitt, Kate Baldwin and a slew of other fabulous females.

Now we can add the names of Priscilla Lopez, Eden Espinosa, Andrea Burns, Kalyn West and Mary Testa (again) thanks to “The Gardens of Anuncia,” an exquisitely cast and performed musical memoir about – and created in collaboration -- with his good friend, the legendary dancer-choreographer-director Graciela Daniele (who helms the project), now at Lincoln Center’s Mitzi Newhouse Theatre. Continue Reading...