Rib No. 7 Makes Ribs the Star

November 22, 2021, 11:58.17 pm ET  

Rib No. 7 Makes Ribs the Star
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In New York City there is one restaurant making the rib the star of the show. Rib No. 7 is a sprawling new restaurant in Koreatown where diners chow down on monster ribs cooked table-side with outstanding results.

Rib No. 7, Koreatown, NYC, Kimchi

The meal begins with traditional Banchan, a collection of small plates like colorful pickled radishes sliced paper thin, lively kimchi and crunchy cucumbers. Appetizers include a grilled short rib patty made with minced prime beef and vegetables, several types of Korean pancakes (some filled with seafood), steamed pork belly, and beef tartare topped Korean pear and raw egg yolk.

Rib No. 7, Koreatown, NYC, Pork Belly

But it’s the iconic ribs that provide the real allure. Only the largest and choice cuts are selected. Marinated dry-aged prime rib is cut off the bone tableside. The perfectly marbled beef is turned into bite-sized squares and cooked on a sizzling cast iron pan with vegetables and sprigs of fresh thyme. It's delicious. Also offered, “short cut” steak hand kneaded with special sauce that literally melts in your mouth, marinated boneless pork rib, thinly sliced brisket, and beef heart.

Rib No. 7, Koreatown, NYC, Bar

Also making an appearance - Army Casserole - a mix of spam, hot dogs and bacon served with kimchi and ramen.  Grilled Chilean sea bass is available for non-meat eaters, along with silky tofu stew. For dessert, there's black sesame ice cream. Cocktails, beer, soju and Korean spirits are also available. 

If you are into Korean BBQ, Rib No.7 is number one in our book!

For more information visit https://www.ribno7.com 

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