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Royal Rib Continues to Give Bed-Stuy its Soul
October 2, 2022, 11:14.48 am ET

Royal Rib, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, Beef Ribs

When Royal Rib House closed its doors at its longtime home on Halsey Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a piece of the neighborhood was missing. Aside from its popular soul food, Royal Rib is also a social gathering place where visitors are often referred to on a first-name basis as Miss Vivian and Miss Lisa. That same feel is back at the new Royal Rib as it re-emerges in a shiny new storefront on Malcolm X Boulevard and where the crowds have also returned. You can easily wait 20-30 minutes for an order of their popular beef or pork ribs with tangy house special barbecue sauce.

Royal Rib, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, Beef Ribs

Royal Rib, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, BBQ Ribs

Royal Rib House got its start in 1968 when the soul food restaurant was originally opened and run by Calvin Grier who moved to New York City from the Carolinas before handing the reigns to his daughter, Carole, according to the New York Times. Grier’s grandson, Jason Barnett, runs the new location.

Royal Rib, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, Sweet Potato Pie

Today, the restaurant is offering its classic dinners including barbecue ribs, chopped barbecue, short ribs of beef, barbecue chicken which can be seen cooking in a large rotisserie from the counter. Other options include fried chicken, wings, fish and fried shrimp. The dinners are served with two sides ranging from collard greens and candied yams to peas & rice, potato salad and baked macaroni. Sandwiches are also being sold. For dessert, there are peach and apple cobblers, banana pudding and a superb sweet potato pie.

Royal Rib, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, Exterior

Royal Rib is located at 256 Malcolm X Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY (718)453-9284. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 12:30pm to 9pm.