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SUPERBUENO Taps 5 Top Mexican Chefs for Cinco de Mayo
April 18, 2024, 5:58.42 pm ET


Photos: John Shyloski

Acclaimed Mexican cocktail bar SUPEBUENO will mark Cinco de Mayo with a special collaboration featuring five exception Mexican chefs, each providing a signature cocktail. They include:

• Chef Daniela Soto-Innes, Mexico
Taco de Lengua – Beef Tongue, Bone Marrow Salsa – $7.50/per taco

• Chef Isabel Coss, Washington, D.C.
Lamb Neck Barbacoa – Avocado Leaf Oil, Mint Salsa Verde – $7.50/per taco

• Chef Ana Castro, New Orleans
Fried Catfish Taco – Crystal Hot Sauce Mayo, Chayote Slaw – $7.50/per taco

• Chef Claudette Zepeda, San Diego
Taco de Chile Relleno – Crab & Chihuahua Cheese-Filled Charred Pepper, Spicy Tomato Sauce – $10.50/per

• Chef Yara Herrera, Ridgewood
Potato Costra Taco – Seasoned Fries, Quesillo, Salsa Cruda – $7.50/per taco

The tacos will be paired with SUPERBUENO’s cocktails like the Mushroom Margarita with mezcal, cointreau, huitlacoche, lime, and lava salt or the frozen Adobada Bam Bam with mezcal, adobada falernum, pineapple, lemon, and pineapple shrub.

While the chefs will be there in spirit only, the SUPERBUENO team will execute the tacos to their specifications and will be offered on Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th during regular operating hours (2 p.m. – 2 a.m.). For more information, visit