The Citiblog

Shawarma Eatery Gal-Gal Opening in Midtown
January 30, 2024, 7:42.01 pm ET

Photos: Melissa Hom

Gal-Gal, a vibrant fast-casual restaurant specializing in tempting shawarma, will officially debut in Midtown (270 W 39th St.) on Thursday, February 1.

Designed by Bolt Design Group, the petite and stylish Middle East-inspired space features warm terracotta hues, bold graphic wall cutouts, and contrasting colors. The interior is reminiscent of the ancient brick facades commonly found in the Middle Eastern region, with modern touches throughout.

Gal-Gal brings a back-to-basics approach to the Middle Eastern staple; where guests can mix and match rice, proteins, toppings and sauces to create their ideal pita sandwich or bowl.

Customers can also choose from Gal-Gal’s artfully composed “Perfect Pitas” menu, which include Perfect Chicken Pita, which feature multiple layers of thinly-sliced chicken with hummus, tahini, onion sumac, white cabbage, parsley, and schug; Perfect Beef Pita, which features multiple layers of thinly-sliced beef with hummus, tahini, onion sumac, cucumber & tomato salad, parsley, and amba; or the Perfect Falafel Pita, which includes falafel with hummus, tahini, onion sumac, cucumber & tomato salad, and parsley.