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Smorgasburg Markets to Reopen in April
March 26, 2024, 10:29.38 pm ET



You never know what you’ll find at Smorgasburg set to open in April at locations in Williamsburg, World Trade Center and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Here are some of the gourmet eats your will find at Smorgasburg this year:

• Jamaican Tacos at 2 Girls and a Cookshop

• Pork Belly Skewers at D’Abruzzo

• Chef Osei Blackett’s Everything Oxtail

• South Philly Steaks at Federoff’s Roast Pork

• Indian Fusion Desserts at Knead Some Love NY

• Fried Chicken Sandwiches at Hen House

• Dressed Up Hot Dogs at Perro Slang Foods

• Cat Cakes at Tojo Kitchen

• Brazilian Coxinhas at Petisco Brazuca

• Seafood Paella at Paella Party CT

• Japanese Pancakes at Oconomi

Smorgasburg at the World Trade Center opens Friday, April 5th; Williamsburg opens Saturday, April 6; and Prospect Park opens April 7th. The outdoor markets will be open through the last weekend of October. For more information, visit