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Sorate, a Japanese Tea Parlor with Italian Influence, Arrives in SoHo.
October 17, 2023, 7:51.02 pm ET


Photos: Rocio Segura

It’s tea time in SoHo. Sorate, a new teahouse at 103 Sullivan Street is the go-to spot for that ritual midday tea. Drawn from Venetian dialect, Sorate (calm down) and the Japanese word for sky (sora), the name is reflective of the brand’s beliefs.

Helmed by Italian entrepreneur Silvia Mella in collaboration with Tea Master Keiko Kitazawa, Sorate Teahouse offers ceremonial grade matcha, hand-crafted to order, alongside an array of high-grade green teas including Sencha, Gyokuro, Hojicha, and Genmaicha.

Starting at $5 per cup, customers can personalize their matcha experience by opting for either traditional preparation with warm water, or a modern twist with a choice of milk, served hot or iced. The menu also includes composed drinks like a Sparkling Iced Matcha with a hint of yuzu, a common refreshment in Japan. Those seeking caffeine-free options can explore Sorate’s Shiso leaf tea and Kombucha.

Complementing the tea selection is light wagashi (traditional tea ceremony sweets) including matcha-infused desserts, as well as a Sorashi Lunch Box ($20), an original creation that combines Italian ingredients like prosciutto, robiola cheese, and freshly grated bottarga, with Japanese elements of velvety black sesame tofu, pureed nori, pickled radish, and candied yuzu.

Situated within an early 20th century building, the original tin ceiling was left intact. A 4-seat counter and wooden display cases are central to the space. A large front window allows passersby a glimpse of the ritual preparation taking place inside. During warmer months, limited outdoor seating is also available.

In addition to to-go and dine-in service, Sorate also features a retail outlet with premium matcha and green tea packages, as well as vintage ceramic and brewing accessories – all of which are also be purchased online. Sorate ethically sources all of its tea and matcha from the family-owned farm of renowned sencha tea creator Nagatani Soenon in Uji, Kyoto.

Sorate is located at 103 Sullivan Street (between Prince and Spring Streets), New York NY. For more information, visit