Southold Social Celebrates July 4th with Special Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

July 3, 2022, 10:31.43 am ET  

Photos: Southold Social                                                                            

Southold Social, Chef François Payard’s new restaurant, is offering a Soft Shell Crab Burger to celebrate the holiday. Currently in peak season, soft shell crabs are those that have recently shed their shells and were caught before being able to grow one back, making for juicy, tender meat. A whole soft shell crab––caught by Southold fisherman Robert Ewing––is lightly fried and placed atop a bed of lettuce on a brioche bun brushed with butter.

Just a short ways away at Southold General, you’ll find a Strawberry Crumble Pie. Chef Payard takes freshly-picked local strawberries and bakes them in a buttery, flaky crust topped with crumbles of dough and powdered sugar baked to golden perfection. These patriotic Independence Day pies are baked to go and sold by the whole, so all of your friends and family can enjoy.

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