Summer in Japan at Koyo

July 27, 2021, 6:00.48 pm ET  

Photo: Koyo                                                                                                     

Kōyō, a Michelin-recognized Japanese restaurant in Astoria, is unveiling its summer menu. Executive Chef/Owner Jay Zheng is putting the emphasis on hyper-seasonal ingredients features elements reminiscent of summer in Japan.

The multi-course Kaiseki dining experience includes:

- Sakizuke - Amuse bouche including seared ayu, Norwegian king crab, pickled watermelon rind and watermelon yuzu dashi.

- Hassun - A circular assortment of small bites meant to be eaten beginning from the left, consisting of botan ebi tartar with kaluga caviar, uni milk custard topped with hokkaido uni and yuba, kisu tempura with matcha salt and fresh Wakame with tosazu glee and crispy sawagani.

- Yakimono - The grilled course now featuring tachiuo, a seasonal Japanese fish in a Sakiyo miso marinade, with grilled baby corn atop sweet corn miso.

- Nigirizushi - Kōyō’s dedicated diners can expect eight new chef selections of Nigiri, which will change weekly.

Kōyō is located 37-12 31st Ave, Astoria, NY (929) 328-2890

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