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Summit One Vanderbilt is Hitting New Heights in Midtown
November 1, 2021, 7:15.10 pm ET


Summit One Vanderbilt, NYC, Levitation
Photos: Summit One Vanderbilt

Summit One Vanderbilt is New York newest skyscraper offering stunning panoramic views high above New York City. It involves the pairing of AIR, a multi-level, multi-room sensory art installation, with the thrilling experiences of LEVITATION and ASCENT.


Thrill seekers can enjoy two options to test their mettle. LEVITATION sky boxes allow guests to step out from the envelope of the building and stand on transparent glass 1,063 feet above Madison Avenue, with the hustle and bustle of city streets directly beneath them. For the extreme thrill seeker, ASCENT, an all-glass elevator with a transparent glass floor, transports guests from the terrace level up the side of the building, to over 1,200 feet (364 meters), nesting at the highest viewing point in midtown Manhattan.

Summit One Vanderbilt, NYC, Terrace

“We set out to create a truly unique destination for New Yorkers and visitors from around the world to explore and SUMMIT One Vanderbilt delivers - you need to experience it to understand it,” said Marc Holliday, Chairman and CEO of SL Green.

Summit One Vanderbilt, NYC, Transcendence 1

Another multi-space immersive experience called AIR was designed by Kenzo Digital. AIR begins in what’s called TRANSCENDENCE 1, which mixes transparency and reflectivity, creating the illusion of boundless space. Every moment in TRANSCENDENCE 1 offers a tantalizing and singular experience, unique to that moment in time. With AFFINITY, the story of AIR becomes playful, interactive, as visitors are invited to connect physically to the hundreds of reflective orbs hovering around them.

Summit One Vanderbilt, NYC, Transcendence 1

It concludes with UNITY visitors becomes part of the experience itself with their three-dimensional portrait transformed into a cloud in a mesmerizing, ever-changing, animated skyscape. At night, the experience is transformed through a one-of-a-kind light and sound story, turning AIR into a beacon of energy, visible to all of New York City and beyond. The experience in UNITY is supported by a massive, 750 square foot seamless Samsung wall display.

Summit One Vanderbilt, NYC, Apres

The final stops on the journey are APRÈS and the SUMMIT TERRACE. APRÈS is SUMMIT One Vanderbilt’s sky- high lounge and café featuring small bites and innovative cocktail program curated by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events. APRÈS’ offerings can be enjoyed inside a Nordic themed lounge and café designed by Snøhetta or outside on the SUMMIT TERRACE. The SUMMIT TERRACE wraps around the south and west sides of One Vanderbilt offering incredible views for up to 80 miles.

Ticket prices for the Summit One Vanderbiilt experience start at $39 with special pricing available online for New York City residents. For more information visit