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The Best Sichuan Introduces New Chef’s Tasting Menu
July 24, 2023, 6:34.54 pm ET


Photos: The Best Sichuan

The Best Sichuan, a Chinese restaurant with classic Sichuan cuisine located near Times Square at 47 W 39th Street in New York City, is introducing a private Chef’s Table dining experience with its signature Sichuan spice for those who like it hot.

Guests in groups of 6 or more are invited to indulge in an authentic Sichuan dining experience in this 4 course meal presented by Master Chef Weimin Hong in the restaurant’s second floor private dining suite.

A total of 18 classic dishes with The Best Sichuan’s signature kick are offered, followed by dessert and accompanied by a bottle of wine. You can also ask them to fire up the karaoke system for your own private after party.

The menu include hot and cold appetizers clear noodles in chili sauce, cucumber in garlic, Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles and more. Entrées bring dishes like cumin lamb chops, double cooked pork and sesame shrimp with sweet purple yam rice cake for dessert,

Chef Hong has been perfecting his Sichuan recipes since his childhood. His mentor is now the honored chief chef of China’s state banquet.

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