The Ivory Peacock Enters the Gin Game

December 8, 2022, 11:41.29 am ET  

Photo: The Ivory Peacock                                                                           

The Ivory Peacock, an elegant new cocktail bar featuring the largest gin selection in New York City, has opened in Chelsea (28 West 26th Street).

The Ivory Peacock’s grand Main Bar and showstopping Emerald Bar were designed by Tobin Ellis of Studio Barmagic, an award-winning bartender who leverages ergonomics to protect the physical wellbeing of bartenders. In addition, the design incorporates antique chandeliers from the Waldorf Astoria New York and The NoMad Hotel.

In addition to a such gin-based drinks as the martini – available in numerous varieties -- the gin and tonic, and the Claire Bramble, the Ivory Peacock offers a wide selection of specialty cocktails, wines, beers, ciders and other tempting libations.

There is also a tempting array of French/Japanese bar fare by Chef Grayson Altenberg, formerly of The French Laundry, including tuna tartare and a miso glazed croque monsieur, along with oysters, crudites and a caviar service.

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