The Citiblog

The Last Red Hook Trolley
March 18, 2023, 12:17.53 pm ET


The last of three trolley cars on the Brooklyn waterfront is in a precarious spot. It’s now or never for civic-minded individuals to save this relic from the past, now strewn with graffiti, its windows pushed in and its door rammed with a metal barricade. But there are still many pieces of history still intact from the levers, pulleys and pedals used to navigate the trolley to its aqua blue benches of years past. Trolley lines were once popular in New York from the mid-1800s until 1957 when the last trolley exited the city, according to the New York Times. Trolleys once shared the Brooklyn Bridge with cars as this video shows. Former New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio tried to bring back streetcars back to the waterfront, but the proposed $2.7 billion dollar project never got off the ground. While we hope this piece of New York City history could be saved, and possibly turned into part of a waterfront museum, time is running out.