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The Office of Mr. Moto is NYC’s Most Secretive Meal
January 25, 2023, 6:50.59 pm ET


The Office of Mr. Moto is NYC’s Most Secretive Meal
Photo: The Office of Mr. Moto

Just when you thought you had your fill of speakeasies and hidden restaurants – enter The Office of Mr. Moto, which might just be the most secretive ever.

The experience is centered around the fictional master of ceremonies, Mr. Moto – a gourmand and art connoisseur, who traveled aboard the USS Susquehanna alongside Commodore Perry.

Prior to their reservation, guests will receive a letter from Mr. Moto himself, which they must read carefully to solve a cipher that determines how to access the hidden restaurant. Upon arrival at the unassuming storefront, guests are greeted with an elaborate Victorian-era mailbox with a pin pad inside prompting visitors to enter the passcode from the cipher.

After successfully entering the passcode, the opaque front door window becomes translucent and guests are able to enter the space where they are greeted by the host, who will also share a few introductory remarks.

The Office of Mr Moto, NYC, Library

After unwinding in The Library with a cocktail and listening to Mr. Moto’s jazz collection, dinner is served. Guests can choose to sit at The Counter (6 seats) or The Gallery (8 seats). Each boasts a distinctive menu, priced at $185 per person. Both menus feature a variety of meticulously sourced ingredients from Japan, including fish sourced directly from the famed Toyosu Fish Market.

The Office of Mr Moto, NYC, Counter

The Counter’s 21-course tasting menu includes Zuke-Maguro (Marinated Bluefin Tuna), Ni-Anago (Simmered Sea Eel). Kohada (Gizzard Shad), Madai-Kobujime (Kelp-cured Japanese Sea Bream) and Hako-sushi (Traditional Pressed Sushi), while The Gallery’s 23-course tasting menu includes an uni tasting flight and welcome drink. Two seatings are offered Wednesday through Sunday at 6pm and 8:30pm.

The Office of Mr Moto, NYC, Dinner

The Office of Mr Moto, NYC, Sushi

But it doesn’t end there. At the conclusion of the meal, guests will receive a notecard with a cipher on the back. Those who are able successfully solve the cipher will have access to Mr. Moto’s concierge, a service that grants guests perks like early access to reservations, complimentary sake and more.

We know the address (somewhere in the East Village) but we think it’s better if you play along.

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