The Pastrami Sandwich in Midtown Giving Katzís Deli a Run for its Money

August 5, 2023, 10:05.35 am ET  


When it comes to Pastrami sandwiches Katz’s is king, or is it? There is a new pastrami sandwich in town that is truly a delight to eat. USA Brooklyn Delicatessen (211 W 43rd St) which opened a sprawling spot in the heart of Times Square is turning out a delicious hot pastrami sandwich that rings in at just under 20 bucks.

The sandwich is served on marble rye with a two-to-one meat ratio. I mean this sandwich is a monster. The pastrami is sliced thick, a little fatty and coated with a wonderful blend of proprietary spices. The meat is luscious and flavorful and it had us moaning with joy upon first bite. And don’t be surprised if some of those juices run down your cheek. That’s love juice!

-Thomas Rafael

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