These Peeps Are So Hot They Can Only Be Found at Two NYC Stores

March 25, 2022, 6:59.23 pm ET  

Photos: Dominique Ansel Bakery                                                                           

Dominique Ansel is at it again, creating these playful peeps for the Easter holiday called “Peep-a-Boos.

These adorable marshmallow chicks are nestled inside real eggshells. When you gently chip away the shell you will find a dark chocolate egg with a honey marshmallow chick inside and a gooey soft caramel center.

The peeps are so popular they are already sold out for nationwide shipping. But you can still get your hands on some. The Peep-a-Boos will be available in-store April 1st-17th. They can also be pre-ordered for pick-ups, at for Soho BAKERY pick-ups, and at for Flatiron WORKSHOP pick-ups. They are $35 (6pc box).

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