The Citiblog

Ticket to Ride at NYC's Kaiten Zushi
October 21, 2023, 2:04.23 pm ET



If you like your sushi on the run, then Kaiten Zushi in Nomad is the place to be. Each dish is delivered high-speed on a conveyor belt as a robot brings the drinks. But don’t worry, there are some humans helping out as well.

Conveyor belt sushi is not a new development. It usually entails snapping up dishes as they whiz by. At Kaiten Zushi, diners order their dishes via touch screen, and before you know it, the dish is speeding to its destination along layers of conveyor belts.

Kaiten Zushi is more about the experience and less about the food itself. Although it does hit the spot for an inexpensive sushi fix. The menu includes nigiri and gunkan (sushi ovals wrapped in nori seaweed) sold by the piece, including red snapper, yellowtail, salmon toro, crab, Wagyu and more. Diners can also choose from assorted sushi rolls, hand rolls and sashimi.

Aside from sushi, the kitchen is turning assorted tempura dishes, soft shell crab tempura, chicken karaage and more, along with noodle dishes and donburi.

Kaiten Zushi is worth a spin if you like your sushi with a splash of fun on the side!