Two Major Milestones in Times Square

May 7, 2022, 2:38.44 pm ET  


New York City Mayor Eric Adams announcing that $500 million will be spent to redevelop One Times Square to include public access, a museum and visitors hub. Here’s what the Mayor had to say:

Mayor Adams: “I'm so proud to be here with this group and welcome One Times Square, this $500 million investment. $500 million investment. There's no better way to say we believe this is something that those of yesteryears, over 118 years ago, this location was for the New York Times building, not access to the public, now is access to the public, it's a place we witnessed the ball drop over and over again. The museum that is going to be here to chronicalize our history, to show how we got here in the first place. Way back in 1907, when the decision was made to have this great experience of having a New Year's Eve celebration here, that famous picture of watching the sailor kiss a person here. I think that's when we started kissing someone on New Year's Eve, but it is here, all of these memories, year after year, millions of people coming here to bring in the New Year to see the ball drop.”

Also in Times Square, work has been completed on the lifting of the historic Palace Theatre. The theatre was lifted 30 feet off the ground in a new 46-story skyscraper called TSX Broadway to preserve the structure built in 1913 as a vaudeville theater.  NBC News was got a bird’s eye look inside the construction site.  It’s quite an accomplishment!

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