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Viruses on Film at BAM
March 13, 2023, 6:34.47 pm ET


Image: 12 Monkeys

“There are more viruses on earth than stars in the universe. In Viruses on Film, pathogens star in a cinematic exploration of how microorganisms shape human politics, thinking, desire, and intimacy around the world, ” according to Steven W. Thrasher, co-curator and author of The Viral Underclass: The Human Toll When Inequality and Disease Collide.

It’s all part of a film series spanning seven decades at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). The films include Contagion, Follow the Protocols, Hackers, 12 Monkeys, Parasite, The Andromeda Strain, among others. The film series is being held from March 15 to March 23. For more information click here.