Window Shopper: Macy's Pays Tribute to Icons of Style

April 23, 2022, 10:49.40 am ET  

Macy's is showcasing up-and-coming designs by black visionaries as part of a new spring collection called Icons of Style. Here's a peek at some of those designs in the windows of Macy's flagship store in New York City's Herald Square. [Photos by]

Macy's Icons of Style, Mateo
Mateo for INC

Macy's Icons of Style, Jerome Lamaar
Jerome Lamaar for And Now This

 Macy's Icons of Style, Goo Goo
GooGoo for Bar lll

 Macy's Icons of Style, Stella & Blaise
Stella and Blaise Epic Threads

 Macy's Icons of Style, Ade Samuel
Ade Samuel for INC

 Macy's Icons of Style, Areeayl Goodwin
Home by Areeayl Goodwin for INC

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