l’abeille Launches Caviar x Champagne Service

May 24, 2022, 7:13.26 pm ET  

Photo: Nicole Franzen                                                                                               

For an elevated night on the town or solo ‘treat yourself’ moment, l’abeille recently launched Le Caviar, a luxe caviar service featuring premium osetra caviar ($185) accompanied by accouterments like crème fraîche, chives, egg yolk, blinis and special canapés – available only on the à la carte menu. Guests have the option to upgrade their experience by selecting from three champagne add-ons: Savar 1er Cru L’Ouverture Brut, 2002 Tarlant L’Etincelante Brut Nature and a 2008 Cuvée Rare Brut (additional cost per bottle).

Chef Mitsunobu Nagae is also rolling out l’abeille’s first seasonal menu change creating spring-inspired dishes like roasted veal with glazed maitake and caramelized ramps jus and grilled trout – locally sourced from a generation-owned purveyor in Pennsylvania– served alongside pink lemon-marinated green asparagus.

Bonus: on extra nice spring eves, l’abeille can open their floor to ceiling windows to literally let the season in. 


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