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tán Brings the Essence of Tulum to New York City
December 21, 2022, 7:03.24 pm ET


tán Brings the Essence of Tulum to New York City
Photos: C3 Creative NYC

Chef-Restaurateur Richard Sandoval and Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna Torres, of Le Chique, have unveiled their newest venture, tán, a coastal Tulum-ese restaurant in Manhattan’s Midtown East. Sandoval says tán uses an ‘old ways, new hands’ approach, marrying traditional Latin flavors with innovative cooking techniques.

Tan, Midtown East, NYC, Aguachile tan

Tan, Midtown East, NYC, Prawns

Tan, Midtown East, NYC, Ceviche

tán’s hyper modernist menu features coastal Mexican fare with rebellious and bold flavors. Look for things like Aguachile tán, a crispy potato-chorizo taco with shrimp and aguachile verde; Ceviche Amarillo with tuna, ají amarillo, leche de tigre, red onion, and mango; Lobster Tacos with black bean purée, chili de árbol sauce, avocado, and flour tortillas; Jumbo Prawn a la diabla style with smoked chili marinade, and chintextle mayonnaise; and Seafood Enchiladas with creamy guajillo sauce, queso fresco, crema, and baby greens.

Tan, Midtown East, NYC, Cocktail

Signature sips include the Mayan Manhattan and a La Brisas del Océano featuring ingredients that were first prepped by the chefs in the kitchen – like tortilla ash and oyster-stuffed olives – before making their way down to the bar.

Tan, Midtown East, NYC, Interior

The space at tán also captures the vibrant energy of Tulum and the Yukitan peninsula with elaborate fiber wall hangings, sunscreens made with the fibers of Mexican agave and lots of lush greenery. A lounge area, called lúm, is tucked away with coved, cave-like ceilings and warm candlelight, effectively bringing the soul of Tulum stateside.

tán is located at 209 East 49th St, New York, NY (917) 388-2248

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