An Intersection of Three Senses: Taste, Sight, and Smell at THE GALLERY

April 15, 2023, 9:22.26 am ET  

Photos: The Gallery                                                                                        

This unprecedented exhibition is presented by Chef Hiroki Odo (above) at THE GALLERY in the city’s Flatiron District. The exhibit features zenga (Zen painting 禅画) and bokuseki (calligraphic work 墨蹟) by the 18th-century Zen priest, Hakuin Ekaku (1686-1769 ⽩隠慧鶴). The central theme of this exhibition highlights the intersection of three senses: taste, sight, and smell in the context of a Japanese art collection. The exhibit showcases objects, as well as special dishes created by Chef Odo, that seek to illuminate an extraordinary meeting between the antique and the contemporary, transcending a spatiotemporal gulf of three centuries.

The exhibition, which runs from April 18th through June 18th is also showcasing specially crafted dishes by Odo, including a vegetarian dish, "Shojin kinoko soba” inspired by Hakuin, who was a renowned Zen monk from centuries ago famous for his calligraphy, but who was also known to enjoy seasonal aromatic shojin soba noodles.

By viewing all the authentic objects exhibited in the exquisite setting and atmosphere of the gallery, guests can imagine: Could Hakuin himself have guessed how far Zen has traveled, that today viewers in New York City, from all over the world, would be attracted to his artwork as well as to the messages hidden in the art?

Last, but not least, THE GALLERY hopes to take the initiative of holding this exhibition, not simply to display art from Japanese culture, but as a meaningful global experience of cross-cultural and intellectual exchange in New York City for the advancement of a better society, world, and humanity.

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with SHOYEIDO, the twelfth-generation brand of incense since the early 18th century in Kyoto, Japan. For more information, visit 

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