Chef Galen Kennemer Takes Over the Kitchen at Fulgurances, Laundromat

June 29, 2023, 7:43.11 pm ET  

Photo: Galen Kennemer                                                                     

Fulgurances, Laundromat, the charming Greenpoint incubator space for acclaimed & rising chef residencies, is kicking off its next residency. Starting July 6, former Blanca chef Galen Kennemer will take over the Laundromat kitchen. Raised on a small family farm in the mountains in southern Colorado, Kennemer grew up growing his own food and went on to work alongside Denver’s Justin Brunson, at Belgium’s In De Wulf, and NYC’s Blanca to Laundromat’s ever-changing program. Guests can expect a consistently dynamic menu focused on seasonality, with organic wine pairings curated by Laundromat’s sommelier Pierre Buffet. Galen’s residency will run through October. Reservations are available on Resy; the tasting menu is $89 (gratuity included) with optional wine pairing for $65.

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