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Chef Guo Offers New 10-Course Tasting Menu
November 13, 2023, 10:21.50 pm ET


Photo: Chef Guo

After opening Chef Guo in August of 2022 with a 19-course tasting menu, Chinese Master Chef Guo Wenjun is now launching a new 10-course menu. He uses traditional Chinese dishes as the base and inflects the different culinary techniques he has learned from tireless experimentation throughout his illustrious career, accenting them with Western ingredients such as caviar and foie gras.

Chef Guo is hidden away on the ground floor of The Randolph House luxury residences and is only accessible only by ringing a doorbell at the entrance. Guests are greeted by a server dressed in a traditional red robe and led through a vestibule sealed off from the restaurant by wooden doors, adorned with traditional Chinese carvings.

The 10-course menu begins with a sampling of small bites, followed by Roasted Peking Duck with Foie Gras Cherry and sliced Cape Gooseberry, followed by Golden Pea Soup with Black Truffle, Gung Bao Premium Lobster Tail in Gong Bao sauce, and Bi Feng Tang Sea Bass inspired by a fried fish dish eaten by Hong Kong fishermen. The finale is Eternal Bliss of QianKun Pot made with 20 ingredients cooked in a broth of chicken and pork simmered for 10 days. A seven-course wine pairing is also available.

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