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Cocktail Time: Nami Nori Launches Exclusive Cocktails at its Williamsburg Location
May 1, 2024, 12:23.59 am ET


Photos: Nami Nori

Nami Nori, the Japanese temaki restaurant specializing in open-style hand rolls, is launched a new cocktail program exclusive to its Williamsburg location featuring spirits-based cocktails for the first time.

The new cocktails include:

Parkside Spritz featuring Roku Gin, grapefruit, miso honey, Campari, sesame and Maison Foucher Cremant

Golden Colada with Ypioca Cachaca, pineapple, lime, Denizen White Rum, Falernum and coconut

Matcharita 2.0 with Mijenta Tequila, matcha, agave, yuzu, Hana Makgeolli Hwaju 12 and egg white

Island Life transporting guests to a tropical vacation. It features Denizen White Rum, Ten to One Dark Rum, strawberry, Yakult, Hana Makgeolli Takju 16, lychee and vanilla.

Nori Highball, a classic Japanese highball, with Mars Iwai Tradition Whisky, nori syrup and yuzu.

In addition to new cocktails, the beverage program also has a new dedicated Japanese whiskey selection, including Hibiki Harmony, Yamazaki 12 and Nikka 21.