Cocktail Time: Wiggle Room Spotlights New Umami-Driven Cocktails

October 17, 2022, 7:16.11 pm ET  

Wiggle Room, NYC, Slam Dunk Disco Cocktail
Photo: Slam Dunk Disco/Wiggle Room                                                            

East Village Bar, Wiggle Room, is spotlighting umami-driven cocktails (with the holidays coming around) created by beverage director Will Krepop (formerly of Cote). 

They include the Slam Dunk Disco made with Ilegal Mezcal, El Tesoro Reposado Tequila, white miso, banana and apricot; and Hot Lava made with blanco tequila, ayuk pasilla, pineapple, toasted sesame and hot honey.

Wiggle Room, NYC, Hot Lava Cocktail
Photo: Hot Lava/Wiggle Room                                                                      

Wiggle Room is the brainchild of Eric Kruvant, Jaime Felber and Darin Rubell, leaders on the NYC bar scene for the last 20 years. The trio is responsible for famed downtown spots including Mister Paradise, Pretty Ricky’s, Boulton & Watt, Drexler’s, Paper Daisy and more.


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