Dim Sum Palace Expands to the Financial District

August 4, 2023, 6:48.06 pm ET  

Photos: Dim Sum Palace                                                                                    

Lion Dancers, known for bringing luck, led the way as Dim Sum Palace opened its newest restaurant in the Financial District, bringing with it traditional Cantonese cuisine.

At the opening, the restaurant was presented with a Certificate of Distinction signed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, acknowledging Dim Sum Palace as a “legendary linchpin of our city, encompassing the creativity, diversity, and industrious spirit that defines our metropolis,” and “for working tirelessly to build a better, brighter future for all.”

The FiDi location seats up to 136 guests while offering two different dining experiences - Dim Sum Sam, a fast-casual format restaurant where customers can enjoy fresh made dim sum, and Hong Kong BBQ - and Dim Sum Palace, an upscale dining experience offering dim sum, Hong Kong traditional cuisine, live seafood, fine wine, and elevated Chinese Fusion dishes.

In December of last year, Dim Sum Palace opened its largest location in Chinatown, at 27 Division Street, which serves as a late night destination.

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