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Dinner Out at L’Adresse near Bryant Park
January 8, 2023, 12:35.24 pm ET

Dinner Out at L’Adresse near Bryant Park

L’Adresse is a modern American bistro that sits across from Bryant Park at 1065 6th Avenue in Manhattan. The space is filled with warm wood tones with a steak house feel along with steak house prices. A few slices of black bread, which is quite good, kick off the meal.

L’Adresse, Bryant Park, NYC, Calamari

There is a raw bar with Blue Point oysters with a yuzu truffle vinaigrette, tuna tartare and Faroe Islands salmon crudo. Appetizers bring assorted mezze – hummus, tzatziki, za’atar and fire-roasted tomatoes – along with some of the crispiest calamari we’ve tried served on of parsnip puree and a wasabi tartar sauce that carries a nice kick.

L’Adresse, Bryant Park, NYC, Scallops

Truffles make an appearance in many of the dishes here, including Seared Sea Scallops with a truffle cauliflower puree, hazelnuts and brown butter; and the Truffle Burger, an 8 ounce Black Angus patty topped with balsamic onions, gruyere, sriracha aioli, arugula and shaved truffles on a potato bun. It is served with a side of truffle fries. It is a solid burger.

L’Adresse, Bryant Park, NYC, Skirt Steak

Two types of steaks can be found on the menu: a New York Strip and Skirt Steak. Unlike dry-aged beef, these steaks are wet aged meaning they are stored in a cryovac bag for 14 days or longer. The result is a tender cut of beef. Both are served with a bone marrow bernaise sauce which is really the star of the dish. It comes with a glazed tomato as the side.

L’Adresse, Bryant Park, NYC, Truffle Burger

Other options include assorted salads – Caesar, Roasted Beet and Tuna Nicoise – along with assorted Pinsa with toppings like garlic & mushrooms, and arugula, prosciutto & caramelized figs. Several desserts are offered ranging from crème brûlée with fresh berries to Syrki, cottage cheese pancakes with crème fraîche, and mint.

L’Adresse, Bryant Park, NYC, Cocktail

Counted among the many cocktails is the Hibiscus Mezcal Sour with Amaras mezcal infused with hibiscus, lemon juice, honey syrup, and egg white. Another standout is the Cucumber Margarita with Blanco tequila infused with freshly blended cucumber, Combier liqueur d' Orange, lime juice, and honey syrup. Or, you can go for a classic martini.

L’Adresse is the perfect spot for a night out or maybe just some cocktails and a shared dessert.

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- Thomas Rafael