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Martha Stewart Teams Up with Breads Bakery for Good Thing Babka
May 16, 2024, 10:21.14 am ET


Photo: Robert Bredvad

Breads Bakery, known for the “Best of NY” Chocolate Babka, is partnering with Martha Stewart, the queen of entertaining, to create Martha Stewart’s perfect babka. Breads Bakery invited Martha to create her dream babka and Martha’s “Good Thing” Babka was born.

Martha's Good Thing Babka is made with the signature laminated dough of the award-winning Chocolate Babka, filled with generous amounts of poppy, with plump golden raisins and a touch of citrus zest.

Photo: Shutterstock

Martha’s Good Thing Babka drops May 17th at Breads Bakery in New York City and on Goldbelly (Breads Bakery and Martha Stewart) to celebrate the return of Martha Cooks, Martha’s Roku show, which will premiere its 4th season on May 20th with its Breads Bakery episode.

Breads Bakery appeared on Martha Bakes several years ago and Gadi Peleg, founder and owner of Breads Bakery, is a huge fan of Martha and was thrilled when she first came into the Bakery as a guest and cannot be more excited for this partnership.

Martha’s Good Thing Babka will be sold for $17.50 at Breads Bakery NYC and $69.95 (2-pack and free shipping) on Goldbelly. For more information, visit