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New Brunch & Dinner Menus, Plus Summertime Concerts at The Turk’s Inn in Bushwick
June 5, 2023, 6:21.48 pm ET


Photos: The Turk's Inn

The Turk’s Inn, the kitschy Bushwick restaurant by way of Wisconsin, is shaking things up just in time for summer.

Executive chef Joshua White is debuting new brunch, dinner, and late night menus. Brunch includes classic Turkish dishes like Menemen with baked eggs in spicy tomato sauce, goat cheese and homemade lavash; Döner Hash with kebab shop chicken, fried potatoes and red sauce; and Sujuk Eggs & Cheese (a bacon egg and cheese variation with Chef’s housemade sujuk— a spiced Turkish sausage). Cocktails include Bloody Margie, (a spicy Bloody Mary, served with a beer back as per Wisconsin tradition) with dill aquavit, vodka, harissa, szechuan, and black cardamom; and the Calabrian Spritz with “red hot” amaro prosecco, lime, and tonic, among others.

For dinner, guests can enjoy dishes like Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds with Turk’s hot honey; Steak Frites with NY Strip with harissa butter and garlic parsley fries; Spatchcok Game Hen with red pepper marinade, mint gremolata and potatoes; and Whole Fried Bass with garam masala, sauerkraut and herbs. Drinks include the Turkish Delight (a middle Eastern gin fizz that is a drinkable version of the sweet Turkish candy) with gin, campari, lemon, and rosewater; and Salty Apricot (an adult appletini) with apricot vodka, blanc vermouth, and eau de vie.

For more casual dining, Döner Kebab at Turk's Inn is open from Tuesday - Sunday from 2pm - 11pm (and 1am on Fridays & Saturdays). Counter service features Berlin-style döner kebabs, fry boxes, rice plates and döner salads with choice of lamb & beef, chicken shawarma haloumi, and/or falafel.

Summer programming on the rooftop features the “Sultan Series” with live musical performances including jazz, rock, pop, electronic, world music and more. Additionally, The Sultan Room, Turk’s Inn adjacent music venue and event space, will be hosting featured events this summer including the following:

6/10 — NYC debut of Selcouth Quartet featuring Joe Russo, Stuart Bogie, Jon Shaw, and Jonathan Goldberger [Tix]

6/20 Paris Paloma [Tix]

7/6; 7/13; 7/20; & 7/27 Delicate Steve: July Residency [Tix]

7/16 When Chai Met Toast [Tix]

7/19 Rich, Linda Diaz [Tix]

8/4 Argonaut & Wasp [Tix]

The Turk’s Inn is located at 234 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY. For more information, visit