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Oceana’s West Park Beer Garden Returns for the Season
June 22, 2023, 1:35.35 am ET



The weather is warming up. And what’s better than a nice cold glass of beer. In the summer months, Oceana, known more for its fresh seafood, turns a small park behind its Midtown restaurant, with its own waterfall, into a seasonal beer garden.

The West Park Beer Garden has everything you could ask for from giant Bavarian pretzels to smoked chicken wings and Pat LaFrieda sliders. Other options include oysters, shrimp tacos, a salmon burger and assorted pizzas.

Beers are available by the pitcher ($38) including Finback IPA, Grimm, Grimm Light and Venomous Villains. Wine is served by the glass and spritzes are also available. The beer garden is open Tuesday-Friday from 5pm to 9pm. (Credit Cards Only)

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