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Review: is Spain Worth the Trip?
November 30, 2023, 9:16.07 pm ET


Photo: Matthhew Murphy

By Brian Scott Lipton

Since thousands of us spend our evenings watching TCM, attending the opera or sitting through the latest revival of a revival of a revival of a classic Broadway musical, we really don’t need a reminder that some art is “timeless.” More sadly, while that’s the major point of Jen Silverman’s new play “Spain,” being presented at Second Stage’s Tony Kiser Theatre, this particular piece of “art” will likely be forgotten five minutes after you leave the theater.

An inelegant and often puzzling work, barely illuminated by Tyne Rafaeli’s awkward direction or the actual lighting by Jen Schriever on Dane Laffrey’s rather minimalist set, “Spain” does have one truly saving grace that may make the trip worthwhile for some viewers: the always wonderful Marin Ireland. Continue Reading...