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Salt and Straw Ice Cream take a Floral Approach Ahead of Mother’s Day
April 25, 2023, 5:16.04 pm ET


How about a bouquet of ice cream for mom this Mother’s Day? Salt & Straw ice cream is launching the “Eat Your Flowers” Series for the month of May. Co-founder and ice cream innovator Tyler Malek says the new flavors are inspired by spring blooms. They include:

Pistachio with Saffron and Rose Water — Inspired by the Persian New Year, this flavor celebrates the pistachio: soft, sweet, and surrounded with delectable chunks of saffron butter mochi cake glazed with a hint of rosewater.

Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise — A menu favorite since 2011, this flavor starts with a simple vanilla base that’s folded with a homemade rhubarb jam and a pie-topping crumble capped with aromatic toasted anise.

Lemon Mari Gold Amaro Sherbet — This sunny new sherbet brings together the complex Mari Gold amaro from Straightaway Cocktails—with a light, fluffy ribbon of lemon and marshmallow essence. Imagine your favorite fizz cocktail in ice cream form, for the lemon lover in everyone.

Hibiscus & Coconut Sherbet — This dairy-free Haitian-inspired ice cream features a cool pink vegan sherbet made with coconut cream, and is churned with cinnamon, ginger, and sunshine.

Jasmine Milk Tea Almond Stracciatella - Debuting on the menu in 2018, fine jasmine tea from Red Blossom Tea Company is steeped in cream and sugar, infusing its gently aromatic joys into ice cream laced with slivers of almonds coated in chocolate.

The new flavors will be available starting Friday, April 28th in scoop shops and via nationwide shipping. For more information, visit