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Short Rib Fit for Royalty at Brooklyn’s Atti
December 22, 2023, 10:22.04 am ET


Photos: Michael Tulipan                                                                                        

Atti, Downtown Brooklyn’s destination for fine Korean BBQ, has just introduced a new Kalbi Hansang feast that will have guests feeling like royalty. The meal features a 20-ounce bone-in short rib grilled at the table with bansang, a traditional Korean table setting for nobles and royals that includes an array of accompanying dishes such as stews, vegetables, rice and countless banchan (side dishes).

The hansang (meaning a big table or table full of food) is a feast that starts with the arrival of bansang dishes such as an airy egg soufflé, brisket stew, kimchi stew, scallion salad, baby anchovies, watercress, and much more, before the server presents the lightly seared, bone-in short rib that has been marinated for more than 24 hours. The meat is sliced and grilled in front of guests along with mushrooms and asparagus, and served with wasabi, mustard and soy sauce.

The Kalbi Hansang ($195) is an extraordinary meal for two - or even three! - that showcases Atti’s premium beef and seasonal banchan dishes that are part of their signature hansang and a la carte menu. Atti’s Kalbi Hansang feast includes four select cuts of beef from Pat LaFrieda, DeBragga and Snake River Farms including prime ribeye that is dry-aged in house for 45–60 days.

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