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The Mermaid Inn in Times Square is Swimmingly Good
April 2, 2023, 12:53.22 pm ET



We are happy to report that The Mermaid Inn in Times Square (127 W 43rd St) is a truly delicious adventure that often begins with stop at the bar which is turning out top notch cocktails. After all, who could turn down an icy, not-too-sweet rendition of the Cosmopolitan (there’s also a blood orange version), or a three-olive vodka Martini. The crowded bar is a mix of theatregoers and nearby office workers taking advantage of Happy Hour, offering $10 drinks, which unfortunately ends way too early.

Here you will also find many people gorging themselves on towers of fresh oysters and briny clams drizzled with a lively cocktail sauce and a splash of lemon that goes perfectly with a pint of icy beer. In fact, one of the specials on Fry-Day is a succulent piece of cod fried to crispy perfection with goliath-size chips that comes with a beer for $30. It’s a terrific deal with no skimping on portion size.”

Other options include Lobster Knuckles served escargot-style, beer-battered Mermaid Fish Tacos, Seared Scallops over braised vegetables, linguine with clams, and Surf & Turf with grilled lobster and filet mignon. For dessert, there is a Key Lime Tart piled high with whipped cream and lime zest. In fact, the Fish & Chips may be the best in town!

The Mermaid Inn, while quite a large space, also maintains a bit of intimacy with different nooks and a seafarer’s vibe.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have reservations arrive before 8pm when the theatre crowd empties out and you will be sure to land a table.

- Thomas Rafael