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The NYC Chefs Making a Difference Who Spoke to Us in 2023
December 31, 2023, 2:12.35 pm ET


We wanted to thank the celebrated chefs who took time out of their busy schedules to allow us into their lives, giving us insight into their cooking styles and personal lives in 2023. These are their stories.

Bryce Shuman, whose latest food adventure can be found cooking at the revolutionary new restaurant ILIS, told us when he’s not eating from his own kitchens, he loves to eat fiery Sichuan cuisine. Read the full interview here

Victoria Blamey who is about to become the Executive Chef at Blanco in Bushwick had this advice for other female chefs - “persevere and never ever give up.” Why she says her first solo restaurant, Mena, still lives within her. Read the full interview here

Jonathan Benno, who was working at Harta when we caught up with him, is now the Chef de Cuisine at Jean-Georges stunning new restaurant 425. At the time, he spoke about the city’s strong rebound from the pandemic and his hope for the future. Read the full interview here

Marc Forgione, who's been focusing on his newest restaurant, One Fifth, spoke to us about his passion for the open flame and if his missed his days as an Iron Chef. The answer may surprise you. Read the full interview here

Sungchul Shim whose Korean empire includes names like Kochi, Mari, and newcomers Don Don and Mari Ne has an impressive track record and he told us he’s not done yet. What he has planned for 2024. Read the full interview here

Eric Huang, whose Pecking House continues to win praise, took his fine dining experience and put it to work during the pandemic to create his cult-favorite fried chicken by storm out of his uncle’s Chinese restaurant in Queens. Read the full interview here

Dan Kluger, who started as a prep cook at Union Square Café, now operates some of the hottest spots in town, including Greywind at Hudson Yards, The Bakery at Greywind and cocktail lounge, Spygold. How his love for his dad played into that success. Read the full interview here

Gabriel Kreuther is like a proud papa celebrating the 8th anniversary of the restaurant bearing his name in Midtown (soon to turn nine). He told us two new concepts he’s working on will open at the Spiral Building in Hudson Yards in 2024. Read the full interview here

Kamat Newman is the Chef de Cuisine at Tatiana, the stylish restaurant inside Lincoln Center. She told us her African heritage continues to influence her cooking, giving it “more purpose and more soul.” Read the full interview here

Jeremy Salamon, of Agi’s Counter, is making a huge impact on the food world at a very young age. He credits food that is “made with passion” that honors his Eastern European and Jewish roots. Read the full review here

Once again, we’d like to thank the chefs for joining us in 2023 and wish them, and their teams, much success in the New Year! We hope to bring you more chef interviews in the coming year. If there is a chef you’d like to see profiled, email us at cititour[at]