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The Team Behind Noda Opens Shinji’s Cocktail Bar in Flatiron
September 21, 2022, 6:26.05 pm ET


Shinji's Cocktail Bar, Flatiron, NYC
Photos: Shinji's

Shinji’s, a new transportive, immersive and innovative cocktail bar from the team behind Michelin-starred omakase restaurant Noda, is now open in New York City’s Flatiron District [37 West 20th Street]. The bar is named after Shinji Nohara, the “Tokyo Fixer,” known for his knowledge of Japan’s food and restaurant scene. Carefully curated cocktails are designed to evoke emotion and play on various nostalgic themes.

Served at the bar and on tableside carts in an interactive manner, each cocktail is presented in its own unique glassware and accompanying coaster.

Shinji's Cocktail Bar, Flatiron, NYC

Highlights include the Tropicana, a play off the classic screwdriver cocktail with vodka and house made orange liqueur. It is served inside of a frozen orange that takes six hours to construct, alongside a red and white straw which evokes the classic advertisement for Tropicana orange juice; Hot Cold Toddy, a cocktail presented at two drastically different temperatures simultaneously, giving guests a surprising sensation; Dirtiest Martini, an extra-dirty martini served alongside a mixture of a proprietary spiced powder, allowing guests to make the martini as dirty as they’d like; Soba Cha Cha Cha, a soba-infused vodka old fashioned with hints of sweetness, served alongside a savory sesame-based cracker to balance the flavors; and Shiso Mojito, a Japanese-inspired take on the traditional Mojito without the ‘salad’ (no mint pieces to sift through) with carbonated rum in a liquid nitrogen-chilled glass.

Shinji's Cocktail Bar, Flatiron, NYC

Food highlights include Uni Chawanmushi with Ossetra Caviar, a selection of seasonal Japanese crudo, hand rolls and a Wagyu sando.

Anchoring the 18 seat jewelbox space is an eight seat horseshoe-shaped bar topped in titanium gold granite. Blue velvet drapes wrap the space with some walls clad in ornate paneling of smoked black glass and octopus sconces by artist Adam Wallcavage. The mahogany vaulted ceiling is centered with a custom chandelier of Fortuny handmade Venetian silk pendants.

Shinji's Cocktail Bar, Flatiron, NYC

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