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NYC Restaurants Putting a Spring Spin on Risotto
May 9, 2022, 5:39.22 pm ET


Photo: The Mary Lane

Traditionally a winter comfort food, some New York City restaurant are turning to creamy risotto to highlight farm-fresh spring vegetables. Here are a few of them:

Chef Andrew Sutin from The Mary Lane: Spring Onion Risotto with nettles, wild garlic, pine nuts, aleppo pepper

Chef Patrick Ryan from Market Table: Grilled Faroe Island Salmon, with fava bean risotto, trumpet mushroom, parsley pistou.

Chef Alfred Portale, from Portale: Risotto with morel mushrooms, asparagus, sugar snap peas, fava bean leaves, pecorino.

Chef Michele Casadei Massari, from Lucciola: 72 Réamur Buono, with Riso Buono, roasted asparagus, salted butter, white vinegar.

Chef Andy D'Amico, from Marseille: Risotto with asparagus, peas, lemon, parsley, grana.

Fun Fact: Risotto was first introduced to Sicily and Spain in the 14th century when Arabs brought rice to the region. According to reports, a young artist named Valerius created the first risotto dish by adding saffron to it.