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Ramping It Up: NYC Restaurants Adding Spring Ramps to Menu
May 5, 2023, 5:53.57 pm ET



Andy Quinn, Chef of The Noortwyck, makes a pesto out of ramp greens and mixes that with house-made cultured butter. He then adds pecorino Romano to house-made bucatini and finishes the dish with fermented white peppercorns from the Indonesian island of Bangka that he said adds “a deep umami flavor and funk to everything they touch.”

As part of its Island Wines Dinner (May, 19th), Al Coro will include Calamaretti Alla Gricia Di Agnello as part of its menu. The dish is made with cured lamb belly, ramps & pecorino.

At the award-winning Basque-inspired restaurant Ernesto's, chef Ryan Bartlow offers a spring take on his Txuletitas de Cordero, grilled Kinderhook Farm mutton chops served with ramps, tarragon and patatas fritas.

At One White Street in Tribeca, Chef/owner Austin Johnson is serving Roasted Lamb Saddle and Confit Lamb Shoulder dish with black garlic, Japanese knotweed, garlic mustards and pickled and charred ramps, harvested from their farm in Columbia County.

At One Fifth in Greenwich Village, acclaimed chef and restaurateur Marc Forgione is using ramps in several dishes with ramps sourced from Union Square Greenmarket. There is a Ramp Pinsa, a Roman-style pizza with ramps, fava pesto and meyer lemon, as well as Seppia Botto Botto with pickled ramps. He also created a ramp gin for a Martini garnished with a pickled green almond.

Also ramping it up…

Cookshop is offering a Ramp Pizza with crescenza & provolone cheese and chile, as well as a Berkshire Pork Arista served with B&B pickles and grilled ramps.

Jean Georges is offering Wagyu beef tenderloin with peas, ramps, and favas with aged compte broth.

Vic's is offering a Ramp Pizza with stracchino, mozzarella, lemon, and pecorino.

Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn is offering Radiators with ramp butter, bok choy, herbed breadcrumb and stracciatella.

And Rosie's is serving up their Camarones al Ajillo with ramps, garlic, guajillo chile, and rice.