Looking for Love at All the Right Places: Last-minute spots for Valentine’s Day in NYC

January 31, 2023, 7:26.54 pm ET  

Photo: La Pulperia                                                                                    

Nothing says love better than some Latin flair.  Think Hamachi Tostadas and Croquetas de Bacalao with a Chocolate Volcano for dessert at La Pulperia in Hell’s Hitchen.

Photo: GG Tokyo                                                                                          

GG Tokyo is turning Japanese on its head with an 8-course omakase tasting menu, and cocktails like The Kamikaze, sen-cha infused Haku vodka, shiso citrus syrup, lemon, and seltzer.

Photo: Ernesto's                                                                                           

Ernesto’s is offering a special Valentine’s Day menu called Opposites Attract playing on that theme with sweet/sour, land/sea, contrasting colors, and more. Specialty cocktails will also be offered.  

Photo: White Olive                                                                                           

Newly opened White Olive is offering the flavors of the Mediterranean for that special night – think Shrimp Saganaki, Trenette Pasta with hints of truffle oil, and filet mignon with hollandaise sauce. 

Photo: Fish Cheeks                                                                                           

Fish Cheeks is offering a special Dinner for Two including tapioca pearl dumplings, tempura oysters, stir fried noodles with pork and tamarind.  Thai dessert - Tub Tim Krob - with chestnut finishes the meal.

Photo: Nami Nori                                                                                        

Hand roll experts Nami Nori are putting a wrap on love with a Lobster, Caviar, Uni Butter Crunch Temaki, Black Truffle Croquette Tamaki, and Matcha Dipped Strawberries for your sweetie.

Photo: La Goulue                                                                                                  

The French certainly know the art of romance.  At La Goulue there is lobster ravioli, ahi tuna with wasabi miso dressing, and Rohan duck with roasted figs. Dessert brings profiteroles with chocolate sauce for sharing.

Photo: La Devozione                                                                                             

La Devozione’s The Oval is offering  “Bacco Tabacco e Venere” Valentine’s Day Menu from Feb 10 through the 14th with dishes like linguettini in lobster bisque and Spaghetti al Pomodoro. You can each grab an end of a strand of spaghetti and take it from there.

Photo: Cocktail Louge at Nine Orchard                                                                    

Mattos Hospitality is offering a night out at Nine Orchard complete with 4-course meal for 2 at the corner bar, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and a one night stay. $1,200. See details.





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