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Ten Exciting New Dishes to Try in NYC Right Now
March 26, 2023, 11:58.50 am ET


Photo: Christopher Harder

Pasta E Carne at Bad Roman

Cacio e Pepe Raviolo atop Filleto

Photo: Kebaya

Ikan Bakar at Kebaya

Grilled whole Fluke topped with chefs special sambal, fresh herbs and lime

Photo: Trust Bae

Hotate at Trust Bae

Scallop, truffle, cured foie gras, and puffed amaranth

Photo: Anixi

Fire Roasted Eggplant at Anixi

Tahini, mint, pomegranate seeds, molasses

Photo: Michael Tulipan

Lobster Idli Xec Xec at Goa New York

Lobster in coconut xec xec curry topped with pickled corriander seeds on a rice cake

Photo: Noah Fecks \

Salade Lyonnaise at Petite Patate

Soft fried egg, frisée, and warm bacon vinaigrette

Photo: Caliza

Pulpo con Pipian at Caliza

Seared octopus, roasted tomatoes

Photo: Atti

Han Sang feast at Atti

The feast served Bansang-style includes four select cuts of beef

Photo: Duomo 51

Pollo del Pastor at Duomo 51

Stuffed chicken breast with goat cheese, thin sliced zucchini and carrots, brown sauce

Photo: The Wallace

Strawberry Panna Cotta at The Wallace Lounge

Flavor of the Day, Topped With Fresh Fruit

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